Tjindu Arrow – Pinkie Ring

As pictured for $4,000

The Tjindu Arrow ring, a masterpiece designed exclusively for Teresa Palmer, draws its inspiration from the rich heritage and natural beauty of South Australia. The name "Tjindu," pronounced "Jin-Doo," is an Aboriginal word meaning "Sun," echoing the ring's connection to the radiant energy and guidance of the sun itself. At the heart of this exquisite piece lies a pear-shaped Opal, chosen for its ethereal play of color and light. This opal is not just a gemstone; it's a beacon, representing the sun's beam and serving as a guide on life's journey, illuminating the wearer's path with its mesmerizing hues.

Surrounding this central opal, a path of meticulously selected diamonds unfolds, each stone meticulously placed to symbolise the journey of life. These diamonds are not merely adornments; they are markers of milestones, achievements, and the distance one has traveled on their personal path. The arrangement and choice of diamonds create a stunning visual narrative, blending luxury with a profound symbolic meaning.

Carat  14 – 18ct

Colours  Rose Gold, White Gold & Yellow Gold

Opal  6x4mm Pear Shape Australian White Opal

Diamond Setting  Eternally set

Diamond Size  Tapering Round Brilliant cut Diamonds from 0.005ct – 0.02ct

Diamond Colour  G

Diamond Clarity  Si

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